The monetization platform network designed to grow your creative business

SponsoGo is a space designed to enable creators to easily and securely share their passion, services and art with their audience, while being rewarded for their work.
Creators can publish exclusive content such as videos, articles, artworks, tutorials and much more, and members subscribe to access them.
Find out how SponsoGo works and join our community today to be part of this creative adventure!

How to make money using Sponsogo?

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Discover a straightforward way to monetize your content!

Create your account

  • Create your user account
  • Confirm your email address
  • Send your personal information
  • Enter your bank details to receive your payments
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Upload content

  • Classify your content into two categories: free and premium paid content
  • Set a publishing schedule
  • Consider programming different types of content (videos, photos, audios, PDFs, etc.)
  • If you sell products, use the online store and benefit from payment by credit card
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Set your prices

  • Choose an amount for your monthly subscriptions, it is recommended to set an attractive price to increase the number of your paying subscribers
  • Set prices for your premium and VIP content
  • Define the prices of your additional services, such as live streaming, tailor-made services, etc.
  • If you have created an online store, also set preferential prices for your subscribers to boost your sales
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Promote on your social networks

  • Add link to your Sponsogo page to your social networks
  • Tell your fans and members about your Sponsogo page and invite them to subscribe
  • Create exclusive meetings on Sponsogo and buzz these events out
  • Publish excerpts from your paid content and tease your followers to subscribe
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Increase your income

  • Log in to your dashboard and analyze your insights frequently
  • Regularly fine-tune your pricing strategy to enhance your ongoing revenue stream. Ensure that you consistently provide exceptional value for your customers, aiming to cultivate satisfied and devoted subscribers.
  • When it comes to withdrawing funds from your account, expect your payments to be processed within 3-5 business days.
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All your sources of income
in a single app

SponsoGo simplifies the monetization of your content by grouping all its sources of revenue on a single, user-friendly platform.
Whether it's video viewing sales, subscriptions, one-to-one services, e-commerce or sponsored collaborations, everything is centralized for more efficient management, allowing you to concentrate on your passion and audience development. .
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Your all-in-one platform, built for creators by creators

Sponsogo is a platform developed by a team of creators and creative professionals with over two decades of experience in the realms of arts, advertising, digital, and events, having achieved remarkable outcomes for some of the world's leading global brands.

By choosing Sponsogo, you gain access to genuine expertise in content monetization and marketing. Enjoy the ride!

Technical and sales support to meet your expectations

Need help with a transaction? Our advisors are at your disposal 7/7 by phone, email, instant messaging or WhatsApp. A Help & Support section is also available, with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Stop chasing
your payments

Withdraw your earnings without any minimum amount requirements. Simply request your funds from your SponsoGo page, and we will send them to your bank account within 3-5 business days.


Deliver a user experience to your paying members that matches the security, speed, smoothness, and user-friendliness of their favorite social networks.

A dedicated team
against piracy

Copyright is a very serious matter to us. We ensure you that we handle your content with extreme vigilance to prevent piracy of your creations or image.

Be comfortable with
your intimate communities

Create content with confidence and privacy by controlling access based on gender, age, or location. Our teams manually verify these settings to ensure you have a 100% authentificated  audience.

An online academy
to better monetize your content

Content creation is a profession. Learn the rules and mechanisms of monetization through a series of articles and instructional videos available free of charge to all content creators.

Delivering an unforgettable experience builds a loyal community

Every publication is a chance to provide valuable value to your paying audience by sharing your unique ideas, stories and skills. By inspiring, entertaining, educating and delighting, your content becomes an essential part of your loyal subscribers' lives.

Creating value is the secret to connecting, growing and thriving as a content creator